Suggestion for Nachfertigung: Hutablage

Not many (if any) Ro80s today have a nice as-good-as-new Hutablage. In most cases the upper foil will delaminate from the cardboard, however, also the cardboard may be damaged by e.g. water.


I know that some members have repaired their Hutablage, and altough it may be "acceptable" to some, those I have seen (and those I can imagine) are very far from the original condition.


Especially, a foil having a near-original surface embossment is nothing you find in your local shop. And then I consider it to be next-to-impossible to cut the small and large openings in a nice-looking way.


Based on the above, their should be a demand for a new Hutablage.


Indeed, you would need a two-piece tool to form and laminate the board, as well as a cutting tool to make the holes/openings. However, as the materials are soft, you don't need an expensive metal tool.


Well, that was my suggestion for a Nachfertigung.


Best regards from Copenhagen, Bo