Suggestions for new Forum categories

Hi Webmaster,


I am missing the following Forum categories which I consider to be so important that they deserve their own:


1) Spare parts: Whether how to fix broken/worn parts, source parts, using non-NSU parts, manufacturing new spare parts etc.


2) Modifications: Anything from minor modifications (e.g wider wheels, other springs), over substantial modifications (e.g. modified ignition systems, modified oil supply, front stabilizer) to major modifications (e.g. installing a Mazda engine).


Best regards, Bo

Hello Bo,


do you have any further informations about the 12A-Turbo-Ro?


It would be an interesting story to show in our Wankel Journal.

The story about the little Mazda too.


with regards, Christoph Berndt

Hello Christoph,


The 12A Turbo Ro80 belongs to a Norwegian guy, I copied the picture from his homepage many years ago. I will try contact the Norwegian NSU club to find out if more information is available.


From pictures on the Norwegian NSU club homepage it can be seen that the car has visited Germany.


As to the engine, it is far from a standard Mazda engine, the turbo, injection and intercooler being custom made (e.g. using a 13B intercooler).


I also have a picture of a 13B EGI in a Ro80 but can't remember from where the picture came.


What about our club members? Anyone having build a Ro80 with a non-NSU engine?


Best regards, Bo