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Ich bin dabei, mein Auto wieder zusammenzubauen und wäre dankbar für jeden Rat, betr. die Stoßdämpfer die ich für die Hintere und die Vorderseite verwenden sollte. Das Auto hat neue abgesenkte Federn von Jan Hullegie. Jemand hat vorgeschlagen, dass Nissan Skyline Stoßdämpfer am besten am Heck sind. Hat jemand eine solche Erfahrung?


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Apologies for any issues with the German version of the message above; I relied on google translate and the English version is below:


I am in the process of reassembling my car and would be grateful for any advice on which shock absorbers I should use for both the rear and the front.


The car has new lowered springs from Jan Hullegie.  Someone has suggested that Nissan Skyline shock absorbers are best at the rear.  Does anyone have any experience of this?


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Die Besten Dämpfer für den RO sind auf jeden Fall die vom Club angebotenen Bilstein-Dämpfer !


Es muß nicht alles original sein !

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Hello Alistair


There are pros and cons to the R33 GTS rear gas shock absorbers (dampers). The pricing is very competitive and I sourced mine from a Skyline specialist through our favourite on-line auction site, who was really helpful in measuring the dampers up for me before I bought.

The KYB dampers have been made in two styles. Both look very similar, but KYB modified how the spring seat plate fits onto the later style.

I converted some of the earlier style KYB dampers to fit my car, and they have been fitted for some time and work very well. There were a couple of jobs that needed doing to fit these, the most difficult being needing to have some adaptors machined up to make the bottom mounting suitable for fitting to the semi-trailing arm. I also fitted the KYB bump stop/gator arrangement for these dampers, and that works too.

I made up a .pdf document showing how I did this work, which you are welcome to have, if just for interest.

If you can figure out how to do this, please send me a personal message (PM) and I can email it directly.


The problem is that KYB changed the design of how the spring mounting plate fitted onto the damper body. What I haven't done yet is bought a pair to see if this can be simply adapted to still work with the Ro80 spring seat plate, so at this time, I can't comment, but I'm sure KYB's modification can be accommodated.


So, your choice is to look into the KYB option, which requires some engineering, or go with the Bilstein's as stated by Guido..

I have not seen these myself, so do not know if they are just a straight 'bolt-on' replacement for the originals. Obviously if they are a straight fit, you have an instant fix. I have no idea of their cost. You will most likely still need to buy replacement NSU style bump stop/gator parts, also produced by the club.


Cheers...   Rob.


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