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As stated in another posting, my Ro80 will not start.


I have now checked the ignition, and I was surprised to find the following:


When turning the key from "Fahrt" to "Start" the spark plug will produce ONE spark, however, when the starter starts to turn the engine there is NO sparks at all. This can be repeated again and again.


Based on the above, it appears that many parts of the ignition works, however, at least one part does not work.


Does the above represent a known problem?


Hope someone can help.


Best regards from Copenhagen,


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Dear Bo,


as it seems to be that my Ro has the same problem, I would like to ask you if you have already found out the reason?

Today I have changed the HKZ, but the problem still exist.

When the engine is cold, it starts immediately, but if it gets warm and you want to make a restart then is there only one spark and then nothing.


Best regards from Austria



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Bo, what´s about your ignition Contact in the distributor?




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