Ro80 used in the film Wolfsburg

Hi, sorry for the post in English :)

I have uploaded clips of this film to youtube. I bought the film after I discovered it on the IMDB website. Does anyone know anything about this film? It looks like a nice Ro80 that ended up smashed up, did anyone know the car?


Thanks, Phil


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Bild von Ralf

2005 lief der Film im Fernsehen, suche nach Stichwort 'Film' im Index von 2005 im Archiv:

Bild von Holger

The film is a German movie (2003) by Crhistian Petzold, title: "Wolfsburg", starring: Benno Fürmann and Nina Hoss.


I liked it.



Unfortunately they had two cars, one to perform the crash and a good one for the close up scenes. At the end, they did not like the shots they had taken of the crash (it did not land the way they wanted to have it), and so they crashed the good one as well.

Thanks for the info. Sorry to hear they smashed both cars up :(